Rest Is Productive

  Most of the humans I know thrive on feeling productive.   No matter what kind of paid work they do or don’t do, they also find time for plenty of other projects.   They set themselves challenges for all sorts of things – finding geocaches, knitting a certain amount every month, reading as many […]

Weeknotes – S08E25 – Covid Strikes Again!

Summary: An impromptu week off work due to Covid led to a lovely, restful time, mostly reading and playing games.   Monday: Every plan I had for this week was disrupted this morning by the discovery that I have Covid… So I cancelled all my outings and settled down to get some work done – […]

Reviews Revisited – Piranesi

This is a transcript of my most recent podcast episode – listen here.   Hello and welcome to Resurrected Reviews Revisited, part of the Will You Still Love It Tomorrow podcast. I’m Annie and, in each Reviews episode, I pick something I’ve reviewed sometime since 2005, reread or rewatch it, and then compare my reactions. […]

Weeknotes – S08E24 – Revitalised Project

Summary: I put several very old creative projects back on my list this week, finished my biggest paid editing project to date, and felt pleasingly motivated about all my current writing/editing.   Monday: In the morning, I chugged along a bit more with editing the RPG game text I’ve been working on for many weeks […]

Weeknotes – S08E23 – Weird Without Novel

Summary: It feels weird not to be working on a novel at the moment, but I did make progress in other areas, both paid and unpaid.   Monday: I split the morning between paid editing projects – the cybersecurity book and the RPG text. In the afternoon, I had grand plans to continue with the […]

Freelancing is Unpredictable

I know people say freelance work always fluctuates between feast and famine – but I’ve been very lucky in my three years of freelancing that I’ve rarely had either a dry patch or so much work that it’s overwhelming (though both have happened). What I struggle with is that I rarely know when and where […]

Weeknotes – S08E22 – Bits and Pieces

Summary: This week was rather bitty and I don’t feel like I made a lot of progress, but there was at least some and that’s okay.   Tuesday: I spent the morning re-establishing my usual routine by working on paid editing projects – the second half of the volunteering book, the second half of the […]