Weeknotes – S05E48 – Getting Busy

Summary: It’s getting pretty busy on the paid editing front, towards the end of the year, which is great, as I’m taking the last week of December off and had feared there wouldn’t be enough work to tide me over. I also had a good week on the novels, though pressure of paid work meant […]

Weeknotes – S05E47 – Prioritising the novels

Summary: Lots of time to spend on my own writing/creative projects this week – I made good progress on both novels and completely caught up on podcast obligations. Lots of paid editing work got added to the schedule towards the end of the week.   Monday: I finished writing my notes for the next podcast […]

You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Try!

On Halloween weekend, TL;DR Press ran a horror write-in. When I first heard about it, I misunderstood the format. I thought there was going to be a workshop at the beginning, going through horror-specific writing techniques and approaches, which was appealing to me because horror isn’t a genre I have much experience in writing.   […]

Weeknotes – S05E45 – Attitude Readjustment

Summary: A solid amount of paid editing completed this week, plus an attitude shift towards the novel, which seems to have produced some good results.   Monday: At home again today, with the flat to myself, as Dave went into the office. I started with a new editing project; case studies about water treatment businesses […]

Weeknotes – S05E44 – Staying at Home

Summary: Stayed at home all this week, but still managed to get a reasonable amount of writing and work done. Lots of interesting projects on the go!   Monday: With Covid cases rising in the UK overall, and also in my local area, I decided to stay at home this week (I got pinged from […]