Weeknotes – S07E17 – Projects are Multiple and Varied

Summary: This was apparently a seven-day writing week! I don’t remember being particularly productive, but I’ll take it! I did branch out into some new and interesting projects, and it felt good to try something different and less pressured/vast than the novel.   Monday: After taking most of last week off from my own writing, […]

Weeknotes – S07E15 – Having A Moment

Summary: Things were a bit disrupted this week (mostly by fun caching adventures and impromptu meals out) but I had phenomenal writing days on Friday and Saturday, so feeling great!   Monday: The last couple of weeks felt hard, with perhaps too much scheduled on each ‘work’ day. The experimental new schedule didn’t work for […]

Weeknotes – S07E14 – Trying Too Hard

Summary: Tons of writing and paid editing completed this week – everything going pretty well, though perhaps edging over into a bit too much scheduled!   Monday: After somehow failing to write any Darkness at all last week, I put it back at the top of the schedule today and managed to write the next […]