New Reviewing Opportunity!

I am now officially a reviewer for Fringe Guru, which reviews as many shows as possible at various fringe theatre festivals throughout the year. My first review is here. And I’m going to be reviewing throughout The Vaults festival at Waterloo over the next couple of months, with a stint at Edinburgh planned for the […]

Weeknotes S03E03 – Lots of Planning

Summary:   Glad to be maintaining a daily habit, but I do feel as if I’m doing a lot of planning and a lot of noodling around, but not really actually getting on with anything substantial. Hopefully that will change next week with some proper scheduled writing sessions with other people.   Monday:   Made […]

Writing Goals for 2019!

It’s a brand new year! And, no matter how arbitrary that may be, that means goal-setting. And I have big plans for 2019. So much so, that I’m going to write them down here for all to see (though I reserve the right to discover they are wildly unrealistic later…).   First of all, by […]