Freelance Panic

It’s now been nearly three years since I started my freelance editing business, and I still wake up most mornings marvelling at the fact that I have a job I love, that’s so flexible and that is earning me a lot more money per hour than I ever made in an office job.   However, […]

Weeknotes – S08E07 – Achieving Balance

Summary: Properly back into the swing of things on the paid work front, and also quite a lot of progress on my projects/development – yay!   Monday: I actually sat at my desk to work today, which felt weird, but was probably better for my back than slouching on the sofa (confirmed by my osteopath […]

Ego-Dystonic Thoughts

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re minding your own business and suddenly your brain presents you with a horrible image of something terrible happening? Or even of you actually doing something terrible to yourself or someone else? Well, don’t worry – because you’re not alone – and it doesn’t mean you’re […]

Weeknotes – S08E05 – Feelings vs Evidence

Summary: It feels like I’m really not getting anywhere so far this year – with paid work or with my own projects. I know intellectually this isn’t true (I’m plugging steadily away at everything, even if I’m not exactly where I want to be) but it’s still the way it feels…   Monday: I felt […]