Weeknotes – S07E47 – Reframing Required

Summary: The new improved work ethic is definitely helping me get more done (and paid work is picking up again, which is awesome) but it’s also making me feel under pressure and a bit overwhelmed, so I think I still need to think about framing it in the best way – but still, a good […]

Listening Rather Than Fixing

Do you ever get annoyed when you complain about something to a friend and they immediately jump in with a solution to the problem? You might think offering advice to someone who is struggling with something would always be the right thing – but sometimes it’s best just to listen instead.   I’m sure you’ve […]

Weeknotes – S07E46 – New Improved Work Ethic

Summary: Very up-and-down week – Covid put paid to my writing retreat plans but I successfully implemented a new, improved work ethic and got lots done anyway!   Monday: Aaaaaaand the morning of supposedly going on writing retreat – I tested positive for Covid! So, no retreat for me… On the plus side, my symptoms […]

Weeknotes – S07E45 – Divided Work Ethic

Summary: I certainly got lots of paid work done this week – not so great on my own projects – my work ethic only seems to extend to things with money/external deadlines attached!   Monday: Definite requirement to resurrect my work ethic today, as I had lots of paid work to do, as well as […]