Weeknotes – S05E52 – Merry Christmas!

Summary: I didn’t manage to complete all my current paid editing projects before Christmas, but only because they were delayed by the clients. Otherwise, I had a very productive week with writing and editing, and also managed to take some time off and relax a bit!   Monday: I started my last writing/editing week of […]

Making Friends

Recently, I had a meditation class, where the teacher talked about the importance of self-compassion, as part of a series on Cultivating Inner Friendship. During the discussion, I mentioned how difficult I found it to walk the path between self-care and productivity. I said that I understood the importance of accepting the situation with kindness, […]

Weeknotes – S05E50 – A Bit Too Much On

Summary: Lots of paid editing going on, but not as much work on the novels as I’d hoped. I’m definitely learning that it’s not all that feasible to work on two novels at once, while also juggling a busy work schedule!   Monday: I wasn’t sure about going to the cafe today, as it was […]

Weeknotes – S05E49 – The End is Nigh!

Summary: The episode numbers of this season of Weeknotes are getting scarily close to the end… Though, it looks like I’ll have 53 episodes, rather than 52, presumably because I started a bit early at the beginning.   Monday: I have an awful lot of paid editing work between now and Christmas, which is great […]