Challenging Assumptions

Do you ever find yourself thinking or feeling something that, if you actually take stock and challenge, turns out not to be true at all?   And yet your brain or your emotions present it as an instant reaction they subsequently try to convince you must be real?   Usually, I find this is because […]

Weeknotes – S07E38 – Novel-tastic!

Summary: I feel really good about what I achieved this week, both on the paid front and the personal projects front (after a slot start to the week on my own writing) – lots of exciting stuff going on!   Monday: I had big plans to get through a big list of stuff today – […]

The Subconscious Crew

Have you ever experienced that wondrous moment when you’re focusing on a manual task, like doing the washing up or taking a shower, and an amazing idea comes to you as if from nowhere? Would you like to be able to control when this happens and what the idea is about?   Well, according to […]

Seduced By The Shinies

I wrote the first draft of my fifth novel in the first half of 2023 (which I’m very proud of, since it was a slog and I had to keep forcing myself to work on it, but I’m really pleased with the eventual result).   I have useful comments from my wonderful editor, Amie, and […]

Weeknotes – S07E36 – Allowable Dip

Summary: Not a massively productive week this week, but that’s okay. I still got all the important things done! Plans to revitalise a better work ethic next week…   Monday: I cracked on with editing the prison memoir and also started editing a book from a new client – a horror thriller.   Tuesday: I […]

Presupposition of Success

Do you ever find that you have a long to-do list of things to complete throughout your day, but you can’t find the motivation to get them done?   I think we’ve all been in this position – where, perhaps there’s no urgent external deadline for things and we find it hard to keep ourselves […]