Safeguarding the Future

My story, Safeguarding the Future, is part of the Oct-Dec 2016 issue of The Lorelei Signal.  The wonderful piece of art produced for it is by Marge Simon. You can read it here – and, if you like it, you can show your appreciation by donating to the magazine using the Donate button at the […]

Major Milestone

I am learning the inevitable lesson that life as a writer, and interaction with the publishing industry in particular, is unpredictable and sometimes frustrating. There were a couple of months over the summer where everything suddenly felt as if it was coming together.  Four of my short stories were accepted for publication, I was offered […]

The Waiting Room

The room was bright, perhaps a little too bright.  The space was difficult to define, stretching as it did perhaps only a few dozen feet or perhaps to infinity.  The undefined whiteness made it impossible to tell. The five of us sat in a group of comfy armchairs, somewhere in amongst the brightness.  Clay very […]

Under The Microscope

In this month’s Writing Magazine, author James McCreet analysed the first 300 words of my novel, doing a line-by-line commentary and providing a summary overview of his thoughts, as well as a suggested re-write. When I first heard that this was going to happen (so many months after submitting that I’d forgotten all about it), […]