Weeknotes – S02E30 – Slowly Ramping Up

Summary: Still mostly reviews and very little fiction writing, but some good planning progress ready for going on retreat next week.   Monday: I reviewed a book I gave up reading yesterday.   Tuesday: I got the best kind of rejection from a publisher today: “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider this […]

A Collaborative, Regular, Paying Writing Gig!

The lovely editors at Etre have invited me to be one of the staff writers for their new quarterly print magazine, which is a huge honour and really exciting. I’ll be helping shape the development of the magazine, being mentored by one of the editors to hone my writing, and getting the opportunity to submit […]

Weeknotes – S02E29 – Good Things Are Coming!

Summary: Technically, lots of writing days, according to my tracker, but no actual creative writing in the true sense. However, I’ve got a retreat coming up, and a regular writing gig starting soon, so I’m feeling very good about my writing future.   Monday: I went to No Grammar Required after work and really enjoyed chatting […]

S02E28 – Writing every day? Surely not!

Summary: Little and often seems to be the trend for this week. I think I generally prefer having a couple of long sessions during the week and not worrying about it the rest of the time, but it’s good to know I can keep my momentum going, even when I don’t have a whole free […]

Rediscovering Freewriting

Due to the many demands on my time, my approach to my writing is generally pretty regimented. I schedule writing sessions throughout the week and have a prioritised list of all the writing tasks I want to complete during each one. I have a spreadsheet of all my past, present and planned publication submissions and […]

Weeknotes – S02E26 – Finding My Groove Again

Summary: Getting back into the swing of things slowly, and very much enjoying not having any Artisan editing to do…   Monday: Planned as my first full writing day post-Winchester, so I had a long list of things to work on. I met Ann and Baby R at the Turk’s Head in Wapping, and started […]