Learning From Reading

I’m gearing up to take part in the Six Month Novel Programme, which starts next week. One of the first tasks you have to undertake is to select what is called a ‘companion novel’ to read. You’re supposed to choose something that contains an aspect of writing you want to work on in your own […]

Weeknotes – S03E07 – Fighting Through Pain

Summary: I did something unfortunate to my neck over the weekend so had difficulty focusing and being productive this week, but I still wrote or planned or organised or brainstormed at least a little bit every day, and that’s very definitely a win.   Monday: I had to wait in for a delivery so I […]

Weeknotes S03E06 – Chipping Away Bit By Bit

Summary: Lots of minor progress on a variety of both big and small projects. Still a bit scattered, but I’m pleased I’m maintaining my daily writing habit.   Monday: Back to The Turk’s Head in Wapping for a session with Ann today, which evoked memories of sitting outside in the sun all last summer. I […]

Weeknotes – S03E05 – Ready To Launch

Summary:   Still writing every day so far, and it’s not feeling like too much of a chore. And a couple of projects are now at the stage when I need to really launch into the meat of the work.   Monday:   I started with Day Three of Write With One Story 2019, then […]

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

I thrive on variety. I do my best work when I have multiple projects on the go and can switch between them at will. If I get bored with or stuck on one thing, my brain will likely come up with ideas on how to progress with something else. This helps me to keep working […]