Weeknotes – S03E47 – Not Sure It Counts

Summary: I’ve recorded this week as seven straight writing days, but I’m not sure any of them really count as that, as I’ve only done blog posts, admin and reviews. But I’m recording it that way anyway and vowing to do better next week!   Monday: I found out I’d won a writing competition I […]

Fun Competition Win!

Back in September, I entered the Fall 2019 Three Cheers And A Tiger contest from Toasted Cheese. Entrants were given 48 hours to write a story based on the prompt: “Write a fantasy or science fiction story under 5000 words that opens with something needlessly dramatic, which becomes actual drama when…” Comedy science-fiction isn’t really in […]

Weeknotes – S03E46 – Where’s the Rest?

Summary: Yikes! My writing week apparently dropped off a cliff after two days…   Monday: I got an acceptance for a drabble I submitted recently for an anthology, so I submitted another one to hopefully increase my contribution to three. I also updated my script for the next main podcast episode.   Tuesday: I went […]

Self-Imposed Exile

This weekend, I was supposed to be at a two-day writing workshop, which I had booked some time ago and was really looking forward to. I’ve been a bit scattered with my writing since completing the first draft of my second novel over the summer, and I thought I would benefit from some structure and […]

Weeknotes – S03E44 – Percolation is Key

Summary: Mostly a break from podcasting this week and progress on the novella. Still just in the planning stages, though, and some further concerted effort required to really get it off the ground. But all progress is good progress and the idea is definitely percolating.   Monday: Amie from the Six Month Novel Programme sent […]