Weeknotes S08E27 – Permission

Summary: Bit of a switch-around on the paid editing schedule but it all worked out – on the project front, mostly gave myself permission not to be productive, but still got some stuff done.   Monday: I split my morning between editing Carla’s novel and reviewing the first 10k words of a historical romance for […]

Releasing the To-Do List

A couple of weeks ago, I tested positive for Covid for the third time in two years. The first time, in July 2022, I was quite ill and the horrible sense of brain fog lasted a few months, making it difficult to concentrate, which was very unpleasant. The second time, in November 2023, I had […]

Weeknotes – S08E25 – Covid Strikes Again!

Summary: An impromptu week off work due to Covid led to a lovely, restful time, mostly reading and playing games.   Monday: Every plan I had for this week was disrupted this morning by the discovery that I have Covid… So I cancelled all my outings and settled down to get some work done – […]

Reviews Revisited – Piranesi

This is a transcript of my most recent podcast episode – listen here.   Hello and welcome to Resurrected Reviews Revisited, part of the Will You Still Love It Tomorrow podcast. I’m Annie and, in each Reviews episode, I pick something I’ve reviewed sometime since 2005, reread or rewatch it, and then compare my reactions. […]

Weeknotes – S08E24 – Revitalised Project

Summary: I put several very old creative projects back on my list this week, finished my biggest paid editing project to date, and felt pleasingly motivated about all my current writing/editing.   Monday: In the morning, I chugged along a bit more with editing the RPG game text I’ve been working on for many weeks […]

Weeknotes – S08E23 – Weird Without Novel

Summary: It feels weird not to be working on a novel at the moment, but I did make progress in other areas, both paid and unpaid.   Monday: I split the morning between paid editing projects – the cybersecurity book and the RPG text. In the afternoon, I had grand plans to continue with the […]

Freelancing is Unpredictable

I know people say freelance work always fluctuates between feast and famine – but I’ve been very lucky in my three years of freelancing that I’ve rarely had either a dry patch or so much work that it’s overwhelming (though both have happened). What I struggle with is that I rarely know when and where […]

Weeknotes – S08E22 – Bits and Pieces

Summary: This week was rather bitty and I don’t feel like I made a lot of progress, but there was at least some and that’s okay.   Tuesday: I spent the morning re-establishing my usual routine by working on paid editing projects – the second half of the volunteering book, the second half of the […]

Weeknotes – S08E21 – Novel Revisions Complete!

Summary: Excellent progress on both client and personal projects – plus found some new freelancing friends to co-work with.   Monday: I read the latest family book club pick in two days and wrote a not very comprehensive review. I also accidentally posted the latest Reviews Revisited episode of the podcast five days early…   […]