Weeknotes – S04E22 – Using External Structure

Summary: Really great progress on the short story front this week, starting from an awesome session with structure provided by Urban Writers Retreat. I’m pleased that I then managed to build on that momentum to continue with the stories throughout the rest of the week. Here’s hoping I can do the same next week!   […]

Weeknotes – S04E21 – The Scattershot Approach

Summary: A bit scattershot this week, and no real progress on any of my current fiction projects. Hey ho. Maybe next week…   Monday: I did some story planning and writing scheduling. I also helped Bear with a post about a submission he made recently to an online magazine. Later, I did some submissions of […]

Weeknotes – S04E20 – Prompts and Reviews

Summary: I rediscovered Seempli this week, which was fun, particularly when I realised I could transform any of the creative challenges into a freewriting prompt. I helped out another writer with comments on the opening of her novel, which felt good. And I kept up with reviews. So, modest accomplishments, but pleasing.   Monday: I […]

Weeknotes – S04E19 – Feeling Significant

Summary:   Lots of great progress this week, working on writing projects at least a little bit every day. I also completed the second draft of my second novel, which felt significant. You know, I think I might actually be a novelist!   Monday: I logged onto Charlie’s online UWR session, stating the intention of […]

The Significance of Seconds

I finished the second draft of my second novel this week, which feels significant, if only in my head.   The novel is still way too short (currently at 55,000 words, so needs at least 25,000 more added to it), but I know what I’m going to do to sort that out.   I think […]

Weeknotes – S04E18 – Realisations and Relaxation

Summary: More reflective freewriting, leading to a breakthrough on the second novel, and also a decision to take a little bit of time off here and there, rather than pushing myself with a needlessly relentless schedule.   Monday: I reviewed a film we watched the night before. I did some planning for completing the next […]