Weeknotes – S04E18 – Realisations and Relaxation


More reflective freewriting, leading to a breakthrough on the second novel, and also a decision to take a little bit of time off here and there, rather than pushing myself with a needlessly relentless schedule.



I reviewed a film we watched the night before.

I did some planning for completing the next round of Colours edits.

I also did a lot more freewriting from Claire’s writing prompts, which ended up reminding me that writing is hard, and it takes effort and I’m at the least enjoyable stage with Colours, so it’s bound to be a bit of a drag. But, if I chop it up into manageable chunks and keep chipping away at it most days, I’ll get to the end before too long and then I can take a complete break while my beta readers get their teeth into it.

So, while the work doesn’t seem any more appealing, I am more accepting of the need to do it, and more aware of how good I’ll feel once it’s done.



I reviewed an audiobook I finished the day before.

Then I completed my last prompt from Claire, and wrote a blog post about the experience.

Later, I revised my plan for the next round of edits on Colours, to be able to complete a beta-ready version more quickly so I can send it out for more feedback.



After setting my subconscious crew the task of coming up with a new climax for Colours overnight, I logged in to Claire’s Boss Club shared working session and used part of the time to brainstorm ideas.

The crew outdid themselves, basically coming up with a kickass idea right away, which I noted down in bullet points as to where things need to be amended and where new scenes need to be added. I amended the editing spreadsheet accordingly.

My schedule had three sessions of brainstorming to figure out the new climax, but I did it all in about twenty minutes, meaning I could actually start the revisions on my next writing day.

I also wrote a review of a new game we played the night before.



My original plan was to crack on with the new Colours climax this morning, but I decided to take the day off from most of my self-imposed obligations, and I ended up making a large batch of awesome stew instead.

I did attend a Decluttering Workshop run by Claire from CP’s Day Off, which was both fun and enlightening, and a very good way to explore some of the issues I’ve been struggling with over the last couple of weeks.

I distilled my learnings from the workshop into six words: Sometimes you just wanna make stew!

Later, I did do a very small amount of work on Colours, revising the editing plan slightly to fit my new climax idea.



I wrote a review of the mammoth book I finished the night before.


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