Weeknotes – S01E04

Summary:   Lots of lessons learned this week – not least that Weeknotes is an excellent way to track progress.  This is because, by the time Monday came around again, and I was compiling my notes to post, I had completely forgotten everything I had done and learned earlier in the week!   Monday:   […]

Positive Rejections

Rejections are an inevitable part of being a writer, at least if you have any ambition to see your work printed by anyone other than yourself.  But there are different types of rejections, and some of them can have beneficial consequences.   I’ve been actively trying to get my short stories published since the start […]

Weeknotes – S01E03

Summary: I’ve been a bit all over the place this week, finding it difficult to settle to anything, and not feeling as if what I’ve been doing is particularly worthwhile.  Still, recording it all for Weeknotes shows me that I am getting things done, even if it doesn’t feel like it.   Monday: I had […]

Weeknotes – S01E02

Summary:   Weirdly, I think I’m missing having a big project to work on.  I’ve been doing writing-related stuff, but I haven’t felt very focused or motivated this week.  Perhaps I need to pick my next novel and throw myself into it…   Monday:   I spent the morning going through all the stuff I […]

The Wishing Star

In September 2016, I signed up for a project called Narrathon, in which 19 authors each wrote a chapter of a children’s book, based on an outline by Steve Bowkett, one of the committee members of NAWG.  I wrote Chapter Three, and the book has now been published. You can buy it here.

Constant Reinforcement

I got back from NAWG Fest yesterday, after two days of workshops, q&a with agents, and lots of chatting with other writers.   I didn’t learn anything new.   But it was still a valuable (and highly enjoyable) experience because there was a lot of reinforcement of things I already knew.  As humans, we develop […]

Weeknotes – S01E01

Someone my husband, Dave, knows started a project called Weeknotes, whereby he puts together a summary of what he’s done at work each week and posts it online.  Other people have started to do it too, and I wanted to join in.  I wasn’t overly enthused about compiling Weeknotes for my day job, but I […]