Blog Articles About Copy Editing

I’ve been guest-posting articles on the Stand Corrected Editing blog. You can read them here: Can Grammarly Replace a Human Editor? How to Revisit an Old Unfinished Project Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Line Editing – What’s the Difference? Pros and Cons of Using a Pseudonym Differences Between Self-Publishing, Hybrid Publishing and Vanity Publishing How to […]

Weeknotes – S06E07 – Low on Motivation

Summary: A bit hit and miss this week – I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated, so I shunted quite a bit of work into next week, but managed to focus on finishing my latest short story.   Tuesday: A couple of new, short assignments came through from previous clients overnight, so I did those first. Then […]

Weeknotes – S06E06 – Lots Going On

Summary: The focus was much more on paid work than personal projects this week, but I did get some of my own writing done as well.   Monday: I didn’t get much sleep the night before, and the case numbers were shooting up again, so I decided against going to the cafe today. I started […]