Weeknotes – S05E39 – Reassuring My Brain

Summary: Spent most of the week shuffling paid projects around while waiting for clients to confirm timings and requirements. Then spent most of the weekend reminding myself that I don’t need to pitch for any more work until after I get back from my holiday.   Monday: I had quite a late night the day […]

Weeknotes – S05E38 – Timelines and Travels

Summary: Novels two and three are definitely coming together, which is very satisfying. I actually came up with a tentative timeline for getting three out to agents, and four to my editor (both mid-March 2022), so now it feels like I have a proper plan to make them a reality. Lots of paid work going […]

Weeknotes – S05E37 – Starting to Blur

Summary: Steady progress on all fronts this week, though the week-in, week-out of paid editing and working on both novels is starting to make the weeks blur into one.   Monday: The subconscious crew invaded my early morning snoozing with some great ideas on expanding one of the weaker sections of Legacy, so I got […]

Weeknotes – S05E36 – Need More Time Off

Summary: Very busy week, demonstrating that I’m not very good at taking time off! Still, lots of exciting stuff going on with the paid editing, plus definite progress on both novels.   Monday: Bit of a slow start after a late night! My most frequent client had also sent a message to say that some […]

Unusual Encounter

A whole range of circumstances had to come together for what happened on Monday afternoon… I got up late and thought about not bothering going to my favourite cafe to work, but decided I would after all. It was a Bank Holiday, so Dave joined me around lunchtime and we shared a joint focus session […]