Weeknotes – S05E37 – Starting to Blur


Steady progress on all fronts this week, though the week-in, week-out of paid editing and working on both novels is starting to make the weeks blur into one.



The subconscious crew invaded my early morning snoozing with some great ideas on expanding one of the weaker sections of Legacy, so I got up and made some notes on that.

A new Upwork project had been confirmed the day before, so I reorganised my schedule to fit it in by the deadline, then set out my task list for the day.

I reviewed an application letter for a client, then went on to editing the next third of the relationship guide. After that, it was back to the first-time fantasy novel, to complete edits on the next section.

A previous Upwork client popped back up after a long break, with three children’s fairy tales for review, so I did those after lunch.

I had some thoughts about Machine during my afternoon meditation class so I made more notes and expanded my outline further.

I completed the next section of the holiday resort memoir, then started a new project, which was a kind of self-help, reflective journal type book.



I edited the application letter from yesterday and wrote a review of the book I finished the night before.

Then it was back to the relationship guide, to finish the editing and submit it back to the client. My fairy tale client sent me another one to look at, so I did that.

After that, I reviewed comments and edited the next two chapters of the giant romance novel, and also completed editing on the first section of the first-time fantasy novel.

I edited the next few pages of the holiday resort memoir and that was that for my paid editing task list for the day!



I started with a sample for a new prospective client. I enjoyed the extract and provided my comments, but suggested he might be better off with an editor more familiar with his settings and themes, as there might be things I would miss.

Then I went back to the holiday resort memoir and edited the next section of that.

After that, it was back to the giant romance novel.



Back to my favourite cafe for the first time in a while!

I started with a review of a game we played online with some friends earlier in the week.

Next up was completing and submitting the holiday resort memoir, and also getting to the end of the first third of the giant romance novel. After that, I rounded out my paid editing for the day with another section of the reflective journal.

The afternoon saw me submitting an existing story for a new submission opportunity, completing the compilation of my notes for revisions of Legacy, and continuing with the Machine outline.



I wrote a review of an audiobook I finished during the day.


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