It All Depends On Who You Ask

Submitting your stories for consideration by unknown editors is a scary business. And most often, it results in rejection. A lot of places respond with a form letter that just says something along the lines of: ‘Thanks for sending but it’s not right for us.’ This can be demoralising, but I totally understand that most […]

Weeknotes – S05E03 – Most Important Thing First

Summary: I’m still keeping on track with revisions on the second novel, but not really getting much of anything else done. But that’s okay.   Monday: I had an accountability and reflection session with Claire from CP’s Day Off, which confirmed that my current strategy for ensuring progress on the most important things is the […]

Weeknotes – S05E02 – Back to Work

Summary: Back to the day job this week after a long festive break. It wasn’t too bad overall – I kept on top of work without getting stressed and I kept to my scheduled writing time, focusing on the one most important thing (Colours) each time, and also getting some other useful stuff done. I’m […]

Weeknotes – S05E01 – A Whole New Year!

Summary: A solid innings for my first official writing week of 2021. I faced some obstacles and didn’t get as much done as I’d planned, but I focused on the most important things and revised my expectations of some of the others. Happy overall!   Monday: I did some more planning of marketing activities for […]