Weeknotes – S05E03 – Most Important Thing First


I’m still keeping on track with revisions on the second novel, but not really getting much of anything else done. But that’s okay.



I had an accountability and reflection session with Claire from CP’s Day Off, which confirmed that my current strategy for ensuring progress on the most important things is the way to go, at least for now.

So, then I launched back into the current ‘most important thing’ and revised the next five scenes of Colours, taking me to over a third of the way through the manuscript.

Later, I went through my list of upcoming submission opportunities and did some planning around which ones I definitely wanted to try and do, and which could be deleted from the list.

I also did yet more marketing activity for The Defiant Spark.



More marketing done! It turns out there are a lot of opportunities out there for reviews and promotion, if you really think about it.



Yet more marketing.



I took advantage of a rare opportunity for a writing date with Ann – hurrah! We spent quite a while catching up, which was great, and then I knuckled down to revise the next five scenes of Colours.

Then I went through my list of upcoming short story submission opportunities and figured out where I could use old pieces to fit. I also made some notes for one that would require a new story.



I wrote a review of a book I didn’t finish.



After an unusual Saturday off, I got back into Colours and revised the next five scenes.


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