Clearing The Decks!

August has been an interesting month for my writing.   I finished and submitted three short stories, which felt really good and also cleared my writing to-do list of everything except the novel.   Also, after planning to complete the next round of edits on the novel by the end of August, and realising very […]

Weeknotes – S04E34 – Back In The Groove

Summary: Three good writing sessions on my dedicated writing days, so back into a more regular groove for writing. Very happy with progress this week.   Monday: I completed Day Seventeen of AWC’s Mojo Month and listed my intended goals for the day on the UWR online session page. I did some admin and sorting […]

Weeknotes – S04E31 – Remembering What Works

Summary: I feel like I’ve come up with a better structure for my writing week and that I’ve settled back into a better routine again. I should remember the lesson that trying to write every day really doesn’t work for me and actually ends up being very counter-productive.   Monday: My brain had been ticking […]