Weeknotes – S04E35 – Subconscious Crew For The Win!


Stellar work from the subconscious crew this week, which left me feeling a lot happier about my novel edits. Even though there’s still a lot of work to do, the path is clearer than it was, and it all seems more possible now.



I caught up with Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four of AWC’s Mojo Month.

Then I did some more edits on Colours, completing the revisions for the alien POV sections, which felt good.

Next, I threw myself into my WIP Big Bang fanfiction, which had been languishing somewhat, but needed to be finished for a 6 September posting deadline. I wrote nearly 2000 words and finally finished a first draft, which also felt good.

Then I edited the most recent podcast episode and did the art for my WIP Big Bang story.

So, it was a very productive session all told, enabling me to tick off a fair few items on my list.



I caught up with Day Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven of AWC’s Mojo Month – I know today was only the 26th August, but AWC is in Australia so each module got released the day before for me.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



Five days off before having to go back to work!

I started out by brainstorming some more stuff for Colours, then did my fifth set of edits for the TL;DR anthology.

Next, I read through my WIP Big Bang story, made some edits and posted it, along with the art. It felt really good to get this off my list and into the world at last! Plus, when I read it through, it turned out it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared.



I woke up with a whole new climax for Colours in my head, so I scribbled down some notes about how it would work.

Then I did Day Twenty-Eight of AWC’s Mojo Month.

Later, I finished off and submitted the lengthy publicity questionnaire from my publisher and talked with Dave about Colours on our daily walk.



The subconscious crew outdid themselves again by coming up with answers to all the problems for another revision strand of Colours. I just wish they hadn’t done it in the middle of the night…

Anyway, I got up and made some notes, to ensure I wouldn’t forget their genius.

I completed Day Twenty-Nine of AWC’s Mojo Month.

I also wrote a review of the book I finished at 2am, after the subconscious crew woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep.



I completed Day Thirty and Thirty-One of AWC’s Mojo Month. There were definitely some useful and interesting things about it, though I think it was aimed more at people wanting to start writing or experiment with their writing, rather than wanting motivation to work on their major projects. Still, I certainly got some good stuff out of it, even if the daily habit aspect did start to drag after a while.


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