Weeknotes – S03E13 – Double Novel Progress!

Summary: Two really productive days of writing this week, with some other useful bits and pieces in between. Plus, I have formulated reasonable plans for finishing both novels. The slump is definitely over!   Monday: I wrote reviews for the weekend’s reading retreat. I also did some planning for later in the week.   Thursday: […]

Weeknotes – S03E11 – The End of a Trend

Summary: This was the inevitable week when daily writing became a chore rather than a positive source of motivation. So, I let it go.   Monday: I caught up on reviews and also looked at the worksheets for the first two weeks of the Six Month Novel Programme plotting boot camp. Then I did a […]

Experiencing the Inevitable Slump

I had such a great start to the year, I guess it was inevitable that it wouldn’t last.   In the space of two months, I developed a daily writing habit, wrote six new short stories and two articles, took part in multiple short fanfic challenges, got high praise from someone I respect for my […]

Weeknotes – S03E10 – Structural Wranglings

Summary: Trying to sort out the structure for a novel with four viewpoints and four separate timelines turns out to be quite complicated! Definitely time to stop tweaking and actually write the thing now, though…   Monday: I wrote a review.   Tuesday: I realised the new structure for Colours wouldn’t work so I rethought […]

Weeknotes – S03E09 – The Wonders of Stickwick!

Summary: Ah, Stickwick! The writing retreat of champions! Five new short pieces completed, lots of brainstorming and a ton of structural work on the second novel. A very productive week.   Monday: I was up early so I found homes for a few unassigned pieces, sending them back out into the world for judgement. On […]