Weeknotes – S03E11 – The End of a Trend


This was the inevitable week when daily writing became a chore rather than a positive source of motivation. So, I let it go.



I caught up on reviews and also looked at the worksheets for the first two weeks of the Six Month Novel Programme plotting boot camp.

Then I did a tarot reading for a new short story and brainstormed the resulting ideas.

Later, I did a Ficlet Zone entry.



Back at work after a glorious five days off and I wasn’t really feeling it today in terms of writing, particularly since the death plague that had been going around finally struck me over the weekend.

Still, I managed a review.



On my lunch break, I completed a post for a Fic Promptly request I’d been thinking about all week.



I wrote my last Fringe Guru review for this year’s Vaults festival, and also wrote a review of the audiobook I finished earlier in the day.



I wrote a blog post about my decreasing motivation over the last couple of weeks, and decided to take the weekend off from working on writing projects.



I did have to revise and post my Colours synopsis for the Six Month Novel Programme today.


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