Weeknotes – S03E12 – Hopefully Coming Out of the Slump


Still not really feeling it this week, but much more positive after an awesomely relaxing reading retreat weekend.



I booked in a session with Ann at the Turk’s Head to provide motivation to at least write something today.

I started out slow and easy with a couple of reviews, then worked my way through some of this week’s tasks for the Six Month Novel Programme.

Later, I made my way to London Bridge for a writers’ coaching session with Claire, who runs the freewriting meetups I go to sometimes. It was great to be able to talk about the motivational issues I’m struggling with at the moment (which Ann really helped me out with earlier in the day as well).



I used some spare time to look at this week’s worksheet from SMN and made some notes on the Colours climax and aftermath.



I completed the rest of the SMN worksheet, which provided some great guidance on story architecture and resulted in some new ideas generation for the end of Colours. I also got some really useful feedback and ideas from the other writers in my SMN group in response to my posted synopsis.



I wrote a review and also dug out the outline for Artisan to have another look at the structure.


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