Weeknotes – S03E13 – Double Novel Progress!


Two really productive days of writing this week, with some other useful bits and pieces in between. Plus, I have formulated reasonable plans for finishing both novels. The slump is definitely over!



I wrote reviews for the weekend’s reading retreat.

I also did some planning for later in the week.



I took myself off to Good and Proper and wrote several lists of things I want to do or consider.

I went through this week’s Six Month Novel worksheet and made a plan of what I need to do to complete my outline for submission on Sunday.

I considered the timeline for WIP Big Bang and decided I would like to take part, as I need something fun and different to work on in between both novels.

Then I reread all the feedback on Artisan, as well as my notes on how to proceed and psyched myself up to just get the hell on with it! I went through the first chapter again and managed to revise enough that I was happy it would be clear significant changes had been made.

I took a break and caught up on Fic Promptly fills, as well as completing this month’s Ficlet Zone challenge.

I did a review of the first quarter of 2019 in my Writer’s Diary and planned goals and writing sessions for April.

Then I went back to Artisan and revised Chapter Two.

Later, I went to a great Write and a Pint workshop on the theme of death, where I met some lovely writers and wrote an unexpected short piece that I may develop into something larger.



I edited the first two chapters of a friend’s novel.



It was a Six Month Novel Get It Done Day, so I posted my writing intentions for the day at 10:30am and then faffed around doing lots of chores and life admin until 2:30pm. Then I buckled down and revised Chapter Three of Artisan.

Then I did the main task for the day, which was the Colours official outline. I collated my notes from various worksheets and brainstorming sessions and added Part Two to the outline document I already had. I had to do quite a bit of wrangling but I ended up with a complete picture of the whole novel, which was very satisfying. I sent it off to Amie at SMN for her comments.

I also thought long and hard about WIP Big Bang and came up with a plan that means I can take part and produce a fic to post, but not put myself under too much pressure while working on both the novels. This made me very happy.

I finished off my writing day by helping Bear with his post about last weekend’s reading retreat.


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