Weeknotes – S03E26 – The Waiting Begins Again

Summary: Only two writing days this week, but a major milestone passed, as Artisan has now gone back to the publisher!   Friday: I wrote reviews of the books I read on reading retreat during the week and helped Bear with his post about the trip. I also went through some more of Dave’s Artisan […]

Weeknotes – S03E25 – It Takes Some Grit

Summary: I have a schedule now for completing Colours by my deadline. Two scenes per writing session. Every session so far, I have started by rewriting my schedule to see if I can give myself the excuse of not doing that day’s scenes. Then I have taken myself to task, knuckled down, and actually produced […]

Weeknotes S03E24 – Getting Back Into The Groove

Summary: Reasonably slow come-back after a break, but still good progress on both novels and a couple of other bits completed as well.   Wednesday: Still finding my feet after last week’s total break on retreat. I brainstormed ideas for an upcoming flash competition and wrote a 100-word story for another upcoming submission.   Thursday: […]

Taking A Complete Break

I’ve talked a lot in various blog entries about finding brain space, not taking on too much and trying not to put myself under too much pressure with my writing. But last week, I had an entirely new experience of taking a complete break from everything.   I went on a retreat at The Sharpham […]

Weeknotes – S02E23 – Appreciating Time Off

Summary: A welcome proper break from writing this week, with no guilt and a lot of reflection. Looking forward to picking it all back up again in the week coming.   Monday: I did some more Artisan edits based on feedback from my parents, then set off on retreat.   Tuesday to Friday: The retreat […]

Weeknotes – S03E22 – Meeting Targets

Summary: I gave myself a deadline of the end of this week to complete my edits on Artisan and get to the end of Colours Part One – and I succeeded with both! I also managed a fair few other writing targets, not least of which was clearing my submissions list. Fly, my pretties, fly! […]