Weeknotes – S01E13

Summary:   Lots of time spent on writing projects this week, but not much in the way of actual writing. Planning, brainstorming, editing, and typing up notes are all really important things that need to be done, but it never feels like I’m making much progress when I spend time doing them.   Monday:   […]

Weeknotes – S01E12

Summary:   Not much in the way of writing progress this week – too many fun, social things got in the way!   Monday:   I helped Bear post his account of our marvellous weekend away at a reading retreat, and then posted my own account as well.   Wednesday:   I met Hannah for […]

The Luxury of Space and Time to Read

At this year’s NAWG-Fest in September, I met Cressida Downing, who was one of the tutors. She also runs reading retreats with her friend, Sara Noel, and I went on one this weekend just gone. I’ve been to lots of retreats over the last few years – generally for writing – but this was the […]

Weeknotes – S01E11

Summary: Reading has been the order of the day this week, though I’ve also done quite a bit of planning for the new novel, which I’ve found really useful.   Tuesday: I missed my usual writing date because I had to work on Monday, so I pledged to work on the new novel every evening […]

Weeknotes – S01E10

Summary: So, it turns out that if I have more time, I do get more stuff done on writing projects, as evidenced by the fact that I had this week off work, and have done project stuff on six out of seven days.   Monday: Today required some personal dedication on my part. I had […]