New Outlining Process

When I wrote my first novel, I had no idea what I was doing.   I started with a 1,500-word short story and just expanded it in both directions, figuring things out as I went along, with no plan. After five years, I had a completed first draft (after a fashion) and it took five […]

Weeknotes – S06E25 – All Work and No Writing

Summary: Plenty of paid work done, not so much on the personal writing projects front…   Tuesday: Lots of paid editing work to complete this week, so I put together my task list and knuckled down at 8am. I finished editing the numerology book first and sent it back to the publisher for review and […]

Weeknotes – S06E24 – Back to Work

Summary: My focus was more on paid editing this week, after last week’s retreat, so I didn’t get much done on personal writing projects. But things are still ticking over!   Tuesday: I spent quite a bit of the morning doing a text-chat interview with a prospective client, which was quite complex and I wasn’t […]

Weeknotes – S06E23 – A Very Successful Retreat

Summary: Great second half to my retreat, followed by a relaxing weekend off.   Monday: I had a late start today, but that’s okay – I was kind of on holiday after all! And sleeping is so important, Baldrick. Once I got settled, I put together the formatting framework for Meditations, then drafted the Introduction […]

Weeknotes – S06E22 – Back to Stickwick!

Summary: An excellent work week followed by the first few days of a wonderful writing retreat. Really great progress on exciting new projects.   Monday: Back to the cafe today for a full day of writing and editing. On my new schedule, starting after I get back from retreat, Mondays in the cafe will be […]