Weeknotes – S06E24 – Back to Work


My focus was more on paid editing this week, after last week’s retreat, so I didn’t get much done on personal writing projects. But things are still ticking over!



I spent quite a bit of the morning doing a text-chat interview with a prospective client, which was quite complex and I wasn’t sure would actually lead to any work, but hey.

I also spent quite a bit of time rearranging my work/writing schedule for the rest of June, as projects were coming in or being delayed, being confirmed or not so much. I suspected this would change again before the month was out.

I thought about trying to get started with some paid work, since my afternoon plans got cancelled. But I decided to keep to the plan of doing a full day at the cafe tomorrow, after having had two weeks off.

So, in the afternoon, I edited the latest podcast episode, to get that out of the way.

Later, I had an idea for the opening scene of Darkness during my meditation class, so I wrote some notes for it.



Back to the cafe to restart my working life after nearly two weeks off!

So, I started with a review of the audiobook I finished on the way there…

Then, it was all new client projects for the rest of the morning! A nonfiction text about numerology, a memoir about an abusive relationship and the start of a novel described by the author as ‘commercially unviable’. So, it was an interesting range…

After lunch, I did some submissions.

Then, I finally got back to Legacy, making the amendments based on feedback from my awesome proofreaders! I tweaked my synopsis to reflect the recent changes to the third draft, and submitted the whole thing to the Gollancz open submission window! Eeeeeee!



I was going to go back to the cafe today, but was feeling a bit snoozy and needed to do the laundry, so I decided to stay at home instead.

I started by editing the next section of the numerology book, which was proving unexpectedly low in required amendments, based on previous work for this client, so that was good.

I went back and forth between that, the novel and the memoir during the paid editing part of the day, as with the day before.

Dave and I had a chat about Darkness while out for a walk, so I wrote some notes when I got home.



I had some more thoughts about Darkness so I wrote some more notes.

I also received the final illustrations for Meditations so I added the relevant pictures to the manuscript so far.


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