Weeknotes – S02E51 – 2018 Wrap-Up

Summary:   I’m pleased overall with my 2018 writing. I revised my first novel and got a good response from submitting it. I worked on my second novel and have a plan for taking it forwards. I wrote several really good short stories and got a fair few published. I found paid work in the […]

Weeknotes – S02E49 – Plague!

Summary: Being ill sucks. No writing (or much of anything) for me in the first half of the week, though I did manage some bits and pieces in the second half, in between all the coughing and nose-blowing.   Thursday: I started out by reading a blog post about maintaining your writing habit, which I […]

Weeknotes – S02E48 – Tailing Off…

Summary: Not a very productive week. Mostly just admin and reviews.   Monday: I met Ann at our old stomping grounds in Brick Lane, and started out with a blog post about the benefits of fanfiction, which got picked up and retweeted by the creators of Fanatical: The Sci-Fi Convention Musical. Then I faffed around […]

The Benefits of Fanfiction

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about fandom. There’s a musical playing at The Playground Theatre at the moment, called Fanatical: The Sci-Fi Convention Musical, which I have already seen twice and will be seeing twice more before it closes on Saturday. It’s about a fan convention for a fictional sci-fi TV show, and it […]