Weeknotes – S02E47 – Lots of Days but Not Much Progress


I’m keeping up my writing days, so I’m on track to double my GYWO pledge level for the year, but none of my sessions this week were particularly long or massively productive. It’s all about finding a balance between quality and quantity, productivity and relaxation.



I met Hannah after work for a brief writing session in which I wrote a review, did a first draft for my second Dream Foundry article and reviewed some of my Scribophile critiques for the Submittable story.



I finished a book and wrote a review of it.



I watched a film and wrote a review of it.

I also submitted first drafts of my Dream Foundry articles, as well as the Submittable story for its competition, and a couple of other submissions. Then I helped Bear with his post about our recent trip to Iceland.



I took at look at my assigned article for this month’s GYWO discussion and pulled out five sets of notes on the relevant subject, ready to amalgamate them into one piece later on.



I put the various articles I had identified into one document and edited it accordingly to create a coherent discussion post for GYWO.


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