Launching Into 2021

It may only be 28th December 2020, and 2021 may not actually start for another four days. And the official Week One of the 2021 calendar may not be until 4th January… But I’m starting my new writing year today!   I closed off most of my ongoing projects before Christmas and had a few […]

Weeknotes – S04E52 – Finishing Early

Summary: Officially, there are 53 weeks in 2020 and 2021 starts on 4 January, but I’m calling it now and starting 2021 early! An excellent last writing week of 2020, setting me up for a great start to 2021. I made progress on several projects, did some good planning activities, and got the release date […]

Weeknotes – S04E51 – Planning!

Summary: Lots of planning this week, ramping up my enthusiasm, goals, schedule and targets for the start of 2021.   Monday: I wrote some more notes on Safeguarding, from ideas that came to me overnight. I did some more of the Novelry course.   Tuesday: I read a book and wrote my review.   Thursday: […]

S04E50 – Weeknotes – Ten Days is Too Many

Summary: Despite forgetting (yet again) that trying to write every day quickly leads to burn out for me, I did manage to get some useful stuff done here and there this week in the end.   Monday: I woke up feeling incredibly demotivated on the writing front, after all the excitement and new ideas of […]

Weeknotes – S04E49 – Brain Sparkage!

Summary: Lots of excellent brain sparkage this week! Talking through ideas and fielding difficult questions prompted the good old subconscious crew to work overtime, so it’s been an exciting week on the writing front!   Monday: This morning, I did another lesson of the Novelry course and wrote some notes for Safeguarding on infusing the […]