Weeknotes – S04E51 – Planning!


Lots of planning this week, ramping up my enthusiasm, goals, schedule and targets for the start of 2021.



I wrote some more notes on Safeguarding, from ideas that came to me overnight.

I did some more of the Novelry course.



I read a book and wrote my review.



I did four submissions and some more Novelry course lessons.



First day of seventeen with no day-job! I didn’t have any major writing plans for the period before Christmas, but I decided to do my 2021 writing planning, officially starting my new writing year on 28 December, to give myself a whole week to get started with everything before having to go back to work!

I also did a ton more of the Novelry course, wanting to finish that before Christmas so I could progress to the next stage for Safeguarding on 28th.

A newcomer to the TL;DR writers’ Slack posted the first chapter of their current work-in-progress, so I read it and offered comments, and also further beta reading services, as it was really good and I wanted to read more of it!

Today was also the final rounding-up workshop for TINACAW, which was lovely. It was an awesome course, that took me from being totally stuck with my writing, to achieving lots of great stuff in the last six weeks of the year, and being really excited about planning for 2021.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the night before.

I did some more 2021 planning.


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