Lockdown Lethargy – or not!

I feel like I haven’t really done much writing so far this year. We’re coming to the end of the first quarter, and my sense on thinking back is that I haven’t achieved anything at all. But, actually checking back through my records, that really isn’t true.   So far in 2020, I have: Written […]

Weeknotes – S04E12 – Holiday Reviewing

Summary: Lots of reviews again, but I also finally got a short story rewrite done, which has been on my list for weeks.   Monday: I did a Scribophile critique.   Wednesday: I wrote lots more reviews of all the games I played earlier in the week.   Thursday: I finished another book and played […]

Weeknotes – S04E11 – Reviews A-go-go!

Summary: Mostly reviews this week, with a bit of new writing courtesy of an excellent workshop.   Monday: I reviewed a film I went to see over the weekend, and also a book I finished after work.   Tuesday: Big plans for today! I signed up for a freewriting workshop in Hammersmith early afternoon, and […]

Weeknotes – S04E10 – Back To Proper Sessions

Summary: I feel like I got some good stuff done this week, and am happy that I scheduled some proper writing sessions.   Tuesday: I edited the first chapter of a friend’s novel.   Wednesday: I reviewed a Vaults show I went to see the night before. I finished two books and wrote reviews of […]

Weeknotes – S04E09 – Relaxing the Schedule

Summary: Basically just reviews and podcasting this week.   Monday: I finished a book and wrote my review. I also did some more submissions.   Sunday: I wrote all the reviews from the reading retreat I went on earlier in the week and reviewed a film I watched earlier in the day.. I also started […]