Weeknotes – S04E11 – Reviews A-go-go!


Mostly reviews this week, with a bit of new writing courtesy of an excellent workshop.



I reviewed a film I went to see over the weekend, and also a book I finished after work.



Big plans for today! I signed up for a freewriting workshop in Hammersmith early afternoon, and I had to review a show at the Vaults festival in Waterloo in the evening. So I found a lovely cafe in Hammersmith to write until 1:15pm, and decided I would do another session in Waterloo after the workshop and before dinner.

I started with the next main podcast episode script and that was about as far as it got.

However, the workshop was great fun and spawned an idea for a new short story I’m excited about, so that was cool.



I wrote and submitted my review of the The Vaults show I saw the night before.

I also made some more submissions.



I could have spent a lot of time on writing projects in the latter part of the week, while at Center Parcs, but instead I enjoyed reading a lot and also playing games with my friends.

I did, however, write some more reviews.


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