Weeknotes – S06E34 – Bit Up and Down

Summary: A bit up and down this week, but still very happy with progress in general, both with work and personal writing projects.   Monday: I made it to the cafe before 9am and spent some time scanning Upwork for new jobs. I pitched for quite a few, since my current projects would be coming […]

Weeknotes – S06E32 – Interrupted by Trip Away

Summary: I did manage one full day of both paid editing and working on my own writing projects this week! I was away Thursday through Sunday, though, so that’s not bad overall!   Monday: I worked mostly on the fantasy novel for my writing retreat friend today, though I also edited a chapter of the […]

Weeknotes – S06E31 – Creativity Re-emerging

Summary: I feel like I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things, both on the work and the writing front!   Tuesday: I finished editing the courtroom novella and sent it back to the author, who was very happy with the outcome. I also managed to add a bit more to the Meditations manuscript, […]

Post-Covid Fatigue

When I went on retreat at the start of June, I was fresh from completing the latest draft of novel number three, and I had two fantastic new book ideas I was really looking forward to working on while I was away. That retreat week was phenomenal – I constructed a full chapter outline for […]

Weeknotes – S06E30 – Getting There Slowly

Summary: Good progress on paid client work, and enough work set up for next month, which is good. Still a bit slow on getting back to my own writing projects, but gradually chugging along.   Monday: I finally made it back to the cafe after more than three weeks away. Getting up in the morning […]