Weeknotes – S06E34 – Bit Up and Down


A bit up and down this week, but still very happy with progress in general, both with work and personal writing projects.



I made it to the cafe before 9am and spent some time scanning Upwork for new jobs. I pitched for quite a few, since my current projects would be coming to an end this week and I didn’t have anything booked in to replace them.

Then I went back to the fantasy novel and edited the next two chapters. I hadn’t slept all that well, though, and was feeling a bit sluggish, so I used my freelancer prerogative and shifted things around a bit so I didn’t have to do quite as much paid work as planned today.

I edited the next section of the ‘commercially unviable’ novel, which got quite intense and grim, but still compelling.

Then I wrote a review of a computer game we played the day before.

I read and commented on a short story by one of the TL;DR writers.

Later, I did a couple of sample edits for some prospective clients.



I finished a book and wrote my review.



I did some research into nonfiction publishers for Meditations and sent in a submission.



Back to work today – I completed edits on the penultimate sections of both client novels, ready to finish them off tomorrow.

After lunch, I started the final round of revisions on Legacy! It was fun to start reading it again from the beginning, especially knowing I was so close to a final version.

I also went back to reading a book I’d started a while ago about outlining novels.



The wonders of freelancing and mobile hotspots allowed me to complete most of my two current client projects from a hospital carpark today! The day could have been better overall, but at least I got some of my work done, I guess?

At least the weather was nice!



I ran a mini writing workshop for my dad – we started with a short stint of freewriting, then chose an upcoming submission opportunity that appealed, brainstormed ideas, exchanged feedback, wrote some of a draft and critiqued each other’s writing. It was lots of fun!



Dad sent me a new draft of his piece of writing from our session the day before and I edited it for him before sending it back.

Later, I reviewed the musical we went to see the day before.


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