Weeknotes – S03E38 – Unexpected Achievement!

Summary: An unexpectedly productive week, which became more so as the days went by. I was especially pleased by a publication acceptance I received on Friday and the fact that I wrote a whole story in one day.   Monday: I recorded another interim podcast and then edited it. My recording is already improving and […]

Article in Writing Magazine!

I submitted an article to Writing Magazine at the start of the year and received an email back very quickly to say they liked it and wanted to keep hold of it for when they had a suitable gap. And I’ve just had confirmed that it will be printed in the November edition, which is […]

Weeknotes – S03E37 – Podcast-tastic!

Summary: Tons of really fun, exciting and productive work on the podcast this week. After the initial difficulties we had, we’ve now got the equipment and the expertise to produce actual episodes and I can’t wait until we’re ready to release them.   Monday: I started off by writing an entry for the current Fandom […]

Dabbling In Drabbles

A lot of my focus so far this year has been on editing my first novel and finishing the first draft of my second. When I completed both over the summer, I planned to take a break from writing altogether for a few weeks, to recharge and enjoy the lack of deadlines. But what actually […]

Weeknotes – S03E36 – Tidbits and Reviews

Summary: Mostly little bits and pieces this week, though activities did include a fair amount of organising and planning of bigger projects.   Monday: I did some reorganising of my writing projects, to fit upcoming submission opportunities. I also typed up all the notes from my current notebook and read some more of Steal Like […]

Weeknotes – S03E35 – Slowing Down Again

Summary: My awesome motivation levels and resulting productivity have taken a nose-dive this week, But that’s okay. I’m enjoying spending more time on reviews and I’m doing a lot of editing work for other people, which makes an interesting change.   Monday: After ignoring Colours for weeks, I finally got around to editing the first […]