Weeknotes – S03E39 – Unexpected Holiday Productivity


I did a lot more writing than I expected while on holiday. I’m having lots of fun with drabbles, short fanfic and podcast stuff at the moment. Might need to start paying more attention to longer projects soon.



Two new submission opportunities opened up for Black Hare Press drabble anthologies so I wrote and submitted an entry for each.

Then I went back to the first Six Month Novel Programme worksheet and started working on the graveyard ritual story (which is now called Beneath the Tree) with a view to developing it into a novella for another Black Hare Press publication call.



I finished a book and wrote my review. I also wrote a ton of reviews for new games I played earlier in the week. During one of the longer games later in the day, I wrote another two drabbles for the open BHP calls.



I updated my submissions spreadsheet, found new opportunities for rejected offerings and tracked my outstanding submissions.

Then I typed up and edited yesterday’s drabbles.



I wrote the last game review of the holiday. Then I watched the film selected for the second main podcast episode and wrote all my notes for the discussion.



I planned the recording and release schedule for the podcast through to the end of the year.

I helped Stanley with his guest post on Bear’s journal.

I typed up my notes for the next main podcast episode.



I edited another old fanfic and posted it.

Dave and I recorded the second main podcast episode.

Finally, I wrote and submitted a Fandom Weekly entry.


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