Weeknotes – S05E22 – Back Out in the World

Summary: A trip out to write in a cafe, and a repeat paying client for editing work! Small steps, but good ones.   Monday: I had my accountability session with Claire from CP’s Day Off and figured out that I never want to write the novel because it falls between easy grunt work tasks and […]

Get There Faster!

The theme of my meditation class on Monday was the idea of planting seeds and then giving them time to take root and grow. It was about letting go of unrealistic expectations and allowing life to unfold at its own pace without getting frustrated at that pace being too slow.   And – wow – […]

Weeknotes – S05E19 – Juggling Badly

Summary: Trying to juggle day-job, my own creative writing and trying to set up a side hustle for paid editing work, as well as enjoying a newly invigorated social life, is hard! Not much actual writing done this week, or in fact much day-job or paid editing. But some progress on the planning front at […]