Weeknotes – S05E20 – Sometimes You Just Need A Break


Still on track with the novel, but decided by the end of the week that I need a few days off from everything – which coincides nicely with a trip to see my parents for the first time in 15 months!



I got straight back into the novel, completing the next scene from Safeguarding.

Then I completed the next module of the Marketing for Writers course, which was all about social media. This has never been a good area for me, though I am starting to engage with other people more on Twitter and will try harder.

Later I had the chance to catch up with Cressi from Reading Retreats, who gave me tons of great advice on breaking into paid editing services and also let me know that reading retreats are being provisionally booked for the first half of next year! Yay!

Since Cressi said she could refer people to me once I had a website to refer them to, I figured it would be a good idea to actually add my editing services to my site, so I did. I sent the info and some samples to Cressi – we agreed I would refer people to her for developmental editing and she would refer people to me for proofreading and copy editing!



At Cressi’s urging, I read through my editing samples and amended a couple of places where the edits had caused words to run together.

Later, I had my focus session with Hannah, postponed from the day before. I went back to the Safeguarding scene from Monday and added in a comedy moment with the magical ferret, because why not?

Then I did the next module in the Marketing for Writers course.



I did the next module of the Marketing for Writers course, which was about search engine optimisation. I’m one step ahead on that front because my name is a Googlewhack! (Or at least it only returns results related to me.)

Then I wrote the next Safeguarding scene.

Later, I wrote a blog post about how ridiculous my brain is, in relation to wanting plans to develop way faster than is reasonable.



I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.

I took the rest of the day off and decided not to work on any writing-related projects (or really anything else) for the next few days.

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