Get There Faster!

The theme of my meditation class on Monday was the idea of planting seeds and then giving them time to take root and grow. It was about letting go of unrealistic expectations and allowing life to unfold at its own pace without getting frustrated at that pace being too slow.


And – wow – did that come at a good time for me!


It’s been two-and-a-half weeks since I first formulated my plan to start looking for paid proofreading and copy editing work – and I am very annoyed that I haven’t already been able to secure enough regular clients to match the salary I currently get from my day job!


And I am very aware of how ridiculous that is.


I’ve already done a ton of work towards that goal and I’ve had some very promising results. I have a Trello board (thanks, Dave!) with a list of potential, ongoing, and completed tasks and the latter column is very much longer than either of the other two.


I have contacted a lot of people (it turns out I know lots of people who are in the publishing industry, are freelance editors, or writers) and received some really great responses about referring work my way. I’ve collected some wonderful testimonials from lovely people I’ve worked with before. I’ve updated my website and created a portfolio of sample work for potential clients to review. I’ve signed up to a course on freelancing and created a profile on a freelancing site that has already garnered me one paying job and several interesting prospects that may come to fruition in time.


But I just want to – get – there – faster!


Patience has never been my strong suit. I get an inkling of an idea and I just want it to spring instantly and fully formed into the world and start doing what I want it to do. (Why am I a novelist again?)


Still, I think it’s a good plan and I think I have a good roadmap to making it happen. And I’m in a very fortunate position that I have an extremely supportive husband and a job I’m (reasonably) happy to continue with for the time being. So I can keep chipping away at the paid editing plan and see how it goes.


And if anyone reading this wants to throw some copy editing or proofreading my way – please do let me know!

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