Weeknotes – S01E15 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Summary: Bits and pieces, small but regular progress. Not a lot of time and energy spent on writing projects this week, but still some. Monday: I did today’s one-minute challenge at oneword.com. Later, I took advantage of an unexpected free half hour to copy-edit the second chapter of Artisan. Wednesday: I had a writing date […]

Weeknotes – S02E14 – Wading Through Mud

Summary:   Lots of time spent on writing projects this week, and I’m pleased with my progress overall, but it mostly felt like wading through mud at the time.   Monday:   I started the week with renewed focus, and a writing date with Ann at The Counter at The Delaunay.   First task was […]


“Is it dead?” “I can’t tell from here.  Why don’t you go and give it a poke?” “Eww!  No, you do it!” “You’re the one who wants to know if it’s dead.” “I wonder how it got here.” “I don’t know.  Flew?” “Don’t be ridiculous.” “It looks kind of sad, just lying there like that.” […]

The Importance of Brain Space

As someone who has to fit writing around working four days a week, a busy social life, and lots of trips away, I tend to feel as if I’m shirking if I don’t make use of every minute that’s available to me.   Last month, I went on a glorious, six-day writing retreat, where I […]

Weeknotes – S02E13 – Annoying Admin

Summary: The admin has to be done, or there will be no publications, no matter how much I write. But it’s really, really annoying. Wednesday: I got very little sleep on Monday night, so wasn’t feeling particularly enthused by this afternoon, but a booked writing date with Hannah kept me out after work and focused […]