Hi, my name is Stanley – and I’m amazing!

That may sound like a strange thing to say, since we’re taught as we grow up to play down our achievements and make ourselves smaller than we are.

But think back to when you really were small. If you were lucky enough to have encouraging and supportive parents, they likely celebrated every one of your successes – even the really tiny ones!

They might have clapped and cheered when you brought home a certificate, or pinned your drawings on the fridge door, or bragged to their friends about how you won second place in the sack race.

But, once you left home, you didn’t have that constant reinforcement of how amazing you are anymore. And the only person available to celebrate your achievements might have been you. Once we’re adults, it’s considered arrogant or pushy to toot your own horn. But why shouldn’t we own and celebrate our amazingness – and share it with the world? Surely that can only bring positive outcomes for our own well-being and that of those around us. Especially if we extend that attitude to encouraging others to do the same and celebrating how great we are together.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to acknowledge your own worth and to show you how to go about it. And, if you need someone to be your cheerleader, because you don’t feel comfortable (yet) doing it for yourself, I can do that too!

I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned about how to view yourself in the best possible light and how to treat yourself better. I’ll also introduce you (with a little help from a friend) to some reflective exercises and meditation practices that will help you develop a positive approach to life. Plus, I’ll give you the opportunity to get personalised advice on your specific stumbling blocks.

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