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Stanley the bear is on a mission to help humans discover their own worth. He’s been observing us and helping his own human, Annie – and now he’s ready to share his wisdom with the world.

Part memoir, part self-help book, part meditation guide, part discovery journal, Meditations offers a heartfelt but light-hearted journey towards a better relationship with yourself.

Many people in the world struggle to love themselves and acknowledge their own worth. Annie’s own journey to self-love and self-appreciation has been massively impacted by the lessons she’s been taught by a wonderful friend – her giant teddy bear, Stanley.

Each chapter features advice and support from Stanley, a short essay by some of the friends and colleagues who have also been positively impacted by Stanley, along with beautiful illustrations.

As many people may find it difficult to think of positive things about themselves, Stanley offers himself as a kind and loving friend, who will always see the best in you and help you to recognise it in yourself.

Stanley’s message is one of love, positivity, appreciation, reflection, and joy – things we can all benefit from in these difficult times.