Weeknotes – S02E16 – Variety is the Spice of Life!



Original fiction, non-fiction, fanfiction; novels and shorts; revision and new words – lots of variety in my writing this week.




Today was likely my last writing date with Ann for a while, and we met at Good and Proper.


I started out with a couple of quick wins, writing my GYWO discussion post for the month, and also a review of the last book I read.


Then I went back to the latter stages of Artisan to do more revisions.


I did two short fanfics for my current Bingo/Yahtzee challenge, then typed up some notes from various books I’ve been reading lately.




I went to a London Writers’ Cafe Meetup about plot development, with Emma Darwin, who had some interesting and useful things to say. A lot of it was information I already knew, but there were some kernels of stuff that were presented in ways that were new to me, and also some points I hadn’t previously considered, so it was definitely worth going.




There was a sharing challenge on GYWO which involved posting a snippet of a work-in-progress and getting a prompt to rewrite it in one of a number of ways. I posted a few sentences of my WIP Big Bang fic, and ended up swapping the genders of all the characters, which was very cool.


I wrote a review of the book I’d finished the day before, then went back to work on the WIP Big Bang story.




I did the GYWO challenge again, with a paragraph from Colours, and was prompted to change it to a different point of view. I went from third person to first person, and a major lightbulb went off in my head. I’m just introducing a third POV strand into the novel, and it’ll be really distinctive and way more mysterious if I make it first person (keeping the others as third person). Yay for interesting challenges!




I read the first three chapters of Artisan aloud and made some more editing notes. Then I made all the actual changes from my copy-editing activities to date. First three chapters – ready for submission!


I wrote a review for my latest audiobook, and finally got around to reading through Dave’s comments on the first 25,000 words of Colours, doing some editing as I went and also making notes for future revisions.




I wrote a 100-word story for a competition I came across in The Simple Things magazine, and submitted it.


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