Weeknotes – S02E19 – It All Adds Up

Summary: Good use of available time slots for getting on with stuff. I like having the option to just find a cafe and get to work, now that I’ve trained myself to be able to focus in that kind of environment.   Monday: A new week, and some new resolve, as deadlines are looming. I […]

What’s Beyond the Void?

There’s a very definite line in my mental calendar at the moment, that runs through 15-16 June. That is when I’m going to Winchester Writers’ Festival and getting feedback on my first novel from agents.   In terms of activities that need to be completed before that date, I’m very much on track. The first […]

Weeknotes – S02E18 – Diminishing Returns

Summary: Perhaps as expected, my writing output during the rest of the holiday gradually reduced, but I did still manage to get some things done here and there.   Monday: I wrote another short piece for my Yahtzee/Bingo challenge.   Wednesday: I wrote a review of Avengers: Infinity War.   Saturday: My plans to write […]