Weeknotes – S02E21 – Beautiful and Inspiring Surroundings



People and places were all helpful this week in getting me where I needed to go with my writing.




I met up with Ann and new Baby R at The Turk’s Head in Wapping, and settled down for a writing session.


I decided to alternate copy-editing chapters of Artisan with various other projects.


Those were catching up on reviews and writing the last scene of the WIP Big Bang story.




I met up with Hannah after work and managed to edit another three chapters of Artisan. Only twenty more to go!




Off to Wentworth for a NAWG writing weekend, and also off to a good start, with two more chapters of Artisan edited before dinner.




I spent most of the day in the gorgeous library at Wentworth, working on editing Artisan, and managed twelve chapters. I motivated myself by allowing myself a Galaxy Trucker mission every two chapters, which worked really well.




I made good use of my remaining time at Wentworth, editing the last six chapters of Artisan. Now, all I have to do is transfer the hard copy edits onto the electronic version…


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